Eva LaMere/ President

What’s the difference between advertising today and when you started your career?
Hmmm… Why would you think there’s a difference?? Okay, so it wasn’t quite the “Mad Men” era… but when I started, the only MacIntosh in the office was the juicy red kind, “social media” referred to a three-martini lunch with your magazine and TV reps; and being hired as a Gal Friday (which I was) was perfectly – and politically – acceptable.

Other than that, we’re still working hard to persuade people, to influence buying decisions and create brand preference. There’s just many more ways to do it. And definitely more ways to ensure strong ROI.

What makes a great brand?
A smart, creative and memorable advertising campaign. Not to sound so self-serving, but really, what are great brands without the campaigns behind them? We are introduced to brands through advertising, persuaded to choose a brand because of advertising and reminded to stay loyal through… well you get the picture. It is pretty incredible that we creative/strategic/marketing folks have this kind of life-changing influence within the campaigns and programs we create. That’s something I never take lightly.

What’s the most rewarding part of what you do?
I get a rush every time we achieve success for our clients. Conquering their challenges and exceeding their expectations is non-negotiable in my book.  While that is certainly rewarding, in a sense it’s really become a table stake at the agency. The more “unexpected” reward I enjoy comes from mentoring… our employees, my daughters, young talent in the field.  What an amazing, gratifying feeling when you witness their personal and professional growth as a result of advice you gave or an example you set.

Who has had the most influence in your life?
My mom, no doubt.  Not only because I am her namesake (so the bar was set high to live up to her expectations from birth) but because my respect and deep admiration for her was earned effortlessly.  She raised her six kids and then went back to work, achieving great success and recognition and finally starting her own well-regarded insurance agency, in a world where most agencies were male-run.  She gave meaning to the phrase “force to reckon with” and my greatest compliment in life is when someone says I’m just like her (hint hint).

Who makes you laugh the hardest?
My husband, hands down. His sense of humor is what first attracted me to him and what keeps us connected, especially when times are challenging. I have come to appreciate what an important quality it is to make people laugh, particularly in our professional lives, and how it can really help build rapport and chemistry.

Describe your perfect day.
Retreating to our Hamptons home on summer weekends. I’m such a sucker for the beauty and charm of the east end.  My day would start with a vigorous workout followed by some beach time, a great BBQ, stroll through town and drinks with friends. All’s right with the world with a day like that.


prepositions I can recite without hesitation. (Test me.)

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