The post-pandemic, pro-justice environment has dramatically changed the marketing frontier.

Brands that fully understand the sweeping changes in their audience and that act swiftly on their understanding will be the ones that prevail—and steal market share through their knowledge.

That’s why Austin Williams created Actionable Insights.

With this discovery and strategic action plan, we’ll create a roadmap to grow your brand in today’s environment by examining your category, constituencies and competitors. Together, we’ll explore:

  • What consumer insights are still relevant today and what are legacy.
  • What new consumer segments and personas have emerged.
  • How competitors have responded and what white space opportunity exists.
  • How shifting values affect brand market planning and offerings.
  • What creative communications will best drive brand affinity and positive consumer response.
  • How media strategies—and tactics—need to change to forge meaningful connections.
  • The appropriate short- and long-term KPIs in the new marketing landscape.

Actionable Insights features three different customized research approaches so your brand (regardless of its size or budget) can better understand the actions that will connect you to today’s consumer—and grow in the new frontier.

Gain the knowledge you
need to take action now.

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