1. Spiked by joint pain?

2. Diving after that grounder leaving you grounded?

3. Not feeling the love after your last tennis match?

4. Your best time result in your worst pain?

5. Handspring tear your hamstring? (Not yet approved)

6. Teed off by shoulder pain?

7. Your quarterback get sacked?

8. Snap more than the ball?

9. Post-game pain?

10. Pick and roll take its toll?

11. Lay-up take you down?

12. Jump shot leave your knee shot?

13. Slammed by that dunk?

14. Back attacked?

15. Cradling shoulder pain?

16. Slapshot leave your back shot?

17. Face down after that face-off?

18. Shoot-out do your knee in?

19. Shoot-out do your ankle in?


1. Deadlifting kill your back?

2. Is yoga a no-go?

3. Clipping out of your bike got your knee spinning?

4. Kickboxing knock out your knee?

5. Downward dog leaving you down and out?

6. Hip Pain blog


1. Winter break?

2. Snow fall?

3. Shop ‘til you “literally” drop?

4. Realizing you’ve pulled out more than weeds?

5. Fall come early?

6. Reeling in the “big one” leave you in real pain?

7. Labor Day assets

8. Summer Sun Safety Month social

9. Inclement Weather email


1. Doing the twist making you shout?

2. Subway stairs an uphill battle?

3. Running for the train derail your knee?

4. Running for the E derail your knee?

5. Running for the bus leave you busted up?

6. Experiencing orthopedic pain?

7. Sunday no longer a fun day?

8. Graduation strip ad

9. Text Message Alert email

10. Long Island Choice Awards ad

11. Award - Thank You ad


1. Brand Execution 1: Tennis/Train/Baseball

2. Brand Execution 2: Golf/Garden/Twist

3. Brand Execution 3: Basketball/Hockey/Snowboarding

4. Kew Gardens: Bus/Tennis/Twist


1. Brand Execution 1 – Baseball

2. Brand Execution 2 – Kickboxing & Tennis

3. Kew Gardens – Running for the E & Golf