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Account Supervisor

Erin Loeffler

Erin is a team player who’s as passionate about seeing campaigns through from start to finish as she is about being the #1 taste tester on a competitive barbecue team.


Any hidden talents?

In my spare time, I love to cook and bake and am always looking for new recipes for my next creation. A lot of people would be surprised to know that I help cook with my family’s professional barbecue team! You can find me traveling summer weekends to different contests in the region. We’ve even competed at the Jack Daniel’s World Championship three times. I’ve met so many great people through this, and tasting all the great food doesn’t hurt either!


What do you like about working at an agency?

The fast pace of working at an agency is great. Each day is completely different and there’s never a dull moment! It’s definitely exciting and challenging to work with a range of clients across different industries.


What’s your favorite part of being an account executive?

I love building client relationships. Collaborating with our clients and creating a team with them is a great feeling. It makes all our hard work that much more rewarding when we have a positive relationship.


What’s your go-to happy hour order?

A glass of wine! I’ve been on a chardonnay kick lately.


What’s the weirdest thing on your desk?

So, I have a green pom-pom hanging up at my desk. Seems strange, but it’s from our 2018 AW Office Olympics and it’s been there ever since. I was on the green team and yes, we won!

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