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Vice President, Strategy & Insights

Mike Greve

As a classically trained chef, Mike knows that the recipe for success begins with the right ingredients. Distilling research into actionable insights, he serves up data-driven strategies that ignite the creative process and fuel client success.

What three words best describe you?

Curious. Determined. Empathetic.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Being the bigger person is always right.

Any hidden talents?

I’m a classically trained chef. I went to culinary school and worked in the hospitality industry before getting my MBA and shifting to insights and strategy. Now, cooking is just for fun.

If you had to switch AW teams for one week, which department would you work in?

Creative. How you deliver information is as important as the information itself. I’m always looking for ways to become a more visual storyteller.

What makes a great brand?

Good brands keep the consumer at the center of every decision to ensure they deliver real value. But it’s important to remember that different consumers have different needs depending on life stage, interests, and values. Great brands understand that and know how to show up for each of these segments authentically.


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