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Vice President, Client Services

Carolyn Eckert

For Carolyn, the client comes first. She takes pride in developing long-lasting client relationships and working hard to guarantee accounts run smoothly.


When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?

After I figured out that working in Shoe Town wasn’t my dream job, I wanted to be Barbara Walters and interview interesting and controversial people. Then, Babs was of course replaced by Oprah.


Any bucket list items?

Go on an African safari with my family.


What makes a great brand?

One that makes me feel something—happiness, sadness, laughter or tears. And then remember the brand when the feeling is gone.


What’s the best idea you’ve ever had?

Applying to AW in 2004. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have met my husband (he used to work here) or have my amazing little girl.


What real or fictional person would you go on a road trip with?

It’s a tie between Ellen DeGeneres and the entire cast of Friends (IN character.)

Working Together

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