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Austin Williams Stakes Its Claim in the Metaverse

Austin Williams has staked its claim in the metaverse within Decentraland, building a digital re-creation of our Hauppauge, NY, agency space.

Why should brands be in the metaverse?

The metaverse—with its many iterations—presents myriad benefits for brands. We live on the cutting edge of emerging technologies and learn firsthand how brands can harness the power for their own benefit. We will leverage our experiences in the metaverse to help brands take advantage of:

  • Virtual event opportunities
  • Product/service showcases
  • Collaborative spaces for employee engagement and interaction

The metaverse, in its simplest form, is an alternate, digital world—still in its infancy. Its applications, however, are already virtually limitless. There’s even speculation on how it may transform healthcare! With 70% of consumers expressing an intention to use the metaverse for non-gaming reasons in the near future, it’s certainly worthwhile for brands to explore.

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Where can I find Austin Williams in the metaverse?

We’ve recreated our Hauppauge, NY, agency, complete with the colorful, contemporary design our clients and employees alike have always loved. You are invited to see it for yourself!

We’re located in the heart of the Fashion District of Decentraland (valued at just under $1 billion 👀), and you can pay us a visit by following these instructions:

  1. Visit
  2. Download Decentraland and navigate to Play as Guest.
  3. Create an avatar—custom or randomized.
  4. Select Done.
  5. Name your avatar and select Next (entering an email is not necessary).
  6. Agree to the “Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” by selecting I Agree.
  7. Follow the short (but helpful!) tutorial that follows on how to navigate Decentraland.
  8. After completing the tutorial, press Enter on your keyboard to open the Chat Box.
  9. Type the following into the chatbox: /goto -101,-29.
  10. Press Enter.
  11. Press Enter again.
  12. A popup will appear—select Jump In, and you’ll be brought directly into the Austin Williams lobby.


From there, you’re welcome to explore the entire space. Be sure to check out our rooftop lounge and the second-floor gallery, where you’ll find a stunning collection of NFTs created by AW artists.

Interested in what the metaverse may have in store for your brand? Let’s talk.


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