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Chart: Every Ad Has a Purpose

If you know A&W, then you know how much we love our charts here :-). Marketing Sherpa came out this week with their latest Chart of the Week: “Every Ad Has a Purpose – A Look at Strategy vs. Online Ad Tactic.” The purpose of this study was to look into what ads work well from various advertising strategy standpoints by judging the online advertisement’s overall effectiveness with consumers. Do pop-ups generate direct sales or just contribute to increased brand awareness? What about pay-per-click (PPC) ads – what’s their brand education impact in comparison to direct sales? You’ll find these answers in the chart . . .
marketing sherpa chart
Also, the following’s a short list of some other interesting points to come out of the study:

Users of attention-getting ads are most likely to be marketers focused on brand awareness, while PPC search ad buyers are focused on lead generation or direct sales.

Sponsorships and contextual ads seem to make the most sense for marketers focused on brand consideration and education.
These fairly subtle ad types both help to generate trust, which in turn, drives consideration.

For marketers focused on direct sales, pop-ups or pop-unders and small buttons appear to be especially useful. Button ads can easily and cheaply be placed in spaces where potential customers are most likely to be researching a purchase decision, while pop-ups or pop-unders can be timed to appear right when a consumer is most likely to be ready to convert to a sale.

For us marketers who are involved in the world of online advertising on every day basis, this is a great study that really brings to focus how best to use the right online advertisement for the greatest overall impact on consumers. Read the rest of the story here.



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