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Did Newsweek Go Too Far?

The latest issue of Newsweek has a picture of President Obama, and the headline, “Why are Obama’s critics so dumb?”

Campaign politics have never been easy or pleasant, and there’s way too much negativity. For those who believe the media is supposed to simply report facts as “the fourth estate” in an unbiased and balanced manner, well, that doesn’t really happen too often. It’s easy to tell from the editorial pages of The Wall Street Journal that the famous financial paper leans Republican, just as it’s obvious that The NY Times favors Democrats in a far left or liberal way.

But what about a magazine cover? Is it right to say that Americans who criticize the President are dumb? Newsweek is getting a lot of press over this – and you can add this blog article to the mix. There’s an old adage that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” I suspect this controversial headline will sell a lot more magazines.

Whether you agree with all of the President’s policies, or whether you agree with author Andrew Sullivan’s admittedly biased (his words) view, we’re wondering how you feel about the headline. By the way, Mr. Sullivan never uses the term “dumb” within the article; it’s clearly designed to get readers inside.

So, what do you think?



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