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Digital: Master or Servant?

Photographer Nicholas Lapite recently offered these observations and cautions about how we work today:

  • Digital (or desktop production for that matter), is seen as an instant medium, and clients – and even associates – feel that the entire process is immediate. Original concepts, design or custom photographs that may have taken days to complete previously are crammed into a single day. We forget that the immediacy of the digital process doesn’t suddenly make the thought or the total production process any quicker. Quality results still take time.
  • Analog working methods, be it magic markers or film, have a natural way of slowing the pace down. Every layout/frame has a cost, so each one counts and that is why more thought is applied. A great concept and great layout, or getting it right in camera, was once of paramount importance. 
  • Slowing down isn’t a bad thing. Taking time to think and plan can only mean better results. So here’s to taking a look at how we think and how we work. Maybe we should try and create one masterpiece rather than several pieces of art.

Here, here Nicolas! I wholeheartedly agree. Here’s to taking a deep breath, and really developing a concept before “touching a button.”


Director Of Production Services