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Does Your Logo Inspire?

Take a look around you. How many brand logos can you spot? No matter where you are right now, chances are there are products, gadgets and ads, all of which are trying to sell you something, tout how good they are or just ensuring you don’t forget who is behind the product you’re using.

Now, how many of them achieve their objective: to inspire you to want to use their product or do business with them?

A logo is a vital way of communicating what your business is all about. It showcases your brand through intentional design. In a competitive world, a logo helps your business to stand out from the pack and differentiates you from your competitors. It also provides a face for your company that helps consumers to remember you.

What are some of the qualities that make a good logo?

It should be professional, easy to understand, capture what your company or product stands for, be memorable, connect with your targets and inspire action. After all, if people can’t read it or remember it—if it doesn’t “speak” to them—there’s a good chance they aren’t buying what you’re selling or hearing what you’re saying. Martin Christie of London-based logo design firm Alchemist says simplicity is key. “It’s common sense to spend time on your logo—it’s the first thing that people see; it’s the look of your company; and it’s going to reflect what you do.”

Your logo is essentially the first impression you make so make sure you don’t overlook its importance. Make sure it inspires your targets to choose you.


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