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End of the World

azteca calendarThere has been much speculation that the world will end December 21, 2012. With that said, I feel a sudden urgency to complete this
post as quickly as possible. Thus, I stress you read fast and share this with everyone
you know on Facebook immediately.  No
time to waste.

At first I didn’t believe the end was near, but then I started
seeing signs. First, our company party has been scheduled for December 20.  Knowing this crew I know there is no force in
the universe that could prevent A&W from consuming mass quantities of
alcohol together. Thus, the selection of this date must be Karma. Our party is
safe. Now I’m wondering if this is just our holiday party or an end-of-the-world

Given our last get-together was the Cinco de Mayo party and
remembering how we all felt the next day, I’m pretty sure that actually was a
practice run for the end of the world.  And then there is that persistent Mayan theme – Cinco de Mayo, Mayan calendar.  An omen?

Now A&W has announced the office will be closed for the
entire week of the Christmas holiday, and we’ll all be given the week off. I’m
not saying this means anything, but if the world ends December 21, this seems
like a pretty safe gesture. I don’t really know the Karma on this thing, but it
feels a bit too good to be true – so maybe it is.

Lastly, I’ve recently returned to an exercise regimen and
have been watching my diet more carefully. I’m definitely getting back in
shape, and knowing how the world has conspired before to keep me from
succeeding at this, the world coming to an end does not seem that far-fetched.

And then there is that galactic alignment thing (below). Was
this really good planning by the Mayans to have the calendar cycle end just as we
reach the galactic center, or is this yet another sign?solar system

It appears all the signs are in place. Now, I’m not
suggesting you do anything rash, but I do suggest, at the very least, you use
your credit cards for all of your holiday shopping and buy everyone everything
they want. What the worse that could happen?

Good luck and happy holidays to all… I hope.  🙂



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