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Digitally Feeding a Girl Scout Cookie Addiction

Every year, I look forward to cracking open that first box of Girl Scout Cookies. You know the feeling: the anticipation of a fresh box, maybe one you’ve hidden away from loved ones, so you alone can bask in the glory that is a crunchy Thin Mint or peanut-buttery Tagalongs.
And this year is no different. I was fortunate enough to have access to the traditional cookie order form—thanks, Kevin!—but for many cookie fans, getting your hands on these treats can be a hunt. It’s even more difficult if you know a Girl Scout, but distance is a factor. However, the digital age has not passed the near-century-old girls’ organization by.

With the launch of the Girl Scout’s updated Digital Cookie 2.0 program, you can now visit your favorite Girl Scout’s personalized cookie website and place your order right there. (They also have an app.) The site also features FAQs, quizzes, games and videos, and provides a fun, learning experience for the Scout. It’s never too early to learn about digital marketing! It also gives you a little extra time to order all the cookies you can eat. Sounds like a win-win to me!

To find a local Girl Scout cookie sale near you, visit this site and enter your zip code.


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