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Foursquare Helps Students Explore Campus

Late yesterday, Foursquare announced a new service that helps its college-student users explore their campuses, discover new things to do and earn rewards. According to the location-based social network, this has been implemented at more than 20 colleges and universities, including Syracuse, Harvard, Stanford and Texas A&M.
Participating colleges are now able to create a University Page that students can follow. The administrator of the Page can recommend activities for students to try out, and as the students complete tasks they can earn badges such as “Bookworm Bender “or “Campus Munchies.” In addition, students will have the ability to share tips that point Foursquare users to specific areas and landmarks around the campus.

Since this program is still new, Foursquare seems to only be offering the service to larger schools. In the meantime, smaller universities can still utilize the traditional platform for their campuses.

Foursquare’s new feature is sure to enhance the overall college experience for both current and prospective students. Get more information about Foursquare’s University Pages here and be sure to check out Harvard and Syracuse’s Pages too!

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