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Gen Y and the iPad Decision: To Buy or Not to Buy?

“Generation Y,” “Millennials,” “Net Generation,” “Generation Next”: Whatever you decide to call them, they are the “here-and-now,” and perhaps the most tech-savvy individuals on the planet.

Many have grown up with technology and cannot imagine everyday life without it. From laptops, smart phones, iPods, GPS systems, digital cameras, you name it – this is a group that is well-versed in all things electronic. As a result, they recognize what they want and need in a product and aren’t willing to settle    . . . even for Apple.

While Apple’s wide range of products is certainly smart, sleek and cool, Gen Y seems less than thrilled about the company’s new iPad. Don’t get me wrong, they enjoy using it, but feel it definitely leaves something to be desired. Essentially, it is a combination of a laptop and a smart phone; however, it lacks some key capabilities that are crucial to this demographic.

As pointed out by The Next Great Generation, despite its familiarity and ease of navigation, the iPad does not offer any additional features beyond those of the laptop and smart phone that so many Gen Yers already own.  In actuality, it offers fewer features than both. The absence of a camera makes interacting with friends and family difficult because pictures cannot be shared and video chats are impossible.  Additionally, it lacks Flash capability, which is a deal-breaker for a group that fancies YouTube and watching TV programs online.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Gen Y requires its products to permit multi-tasking with ease. The iPad’s inability to run multiple apps at once is a nuisance for a generation that communicates quickly and simultaneously across multiple platforms.

Until Apple can rectify these oversights – and produce a product that includes all of the aforementioned necessities – Gen  Yers will likely decide not to purchase the iPad. In the meantime, they will get by with multiple electronic devices and hang onto their cash until the next big thing comes along – that’s if they decide it’s worth the investment!

What are your feelings about the Apple iPad? What do you require in an electronic or mobile device? Let us know!

This article was contributed by Stephanie Steudte, an up-and-coming expert in Social Media and our intern here at Austin & Williams



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