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Harnessing the Power of Online Community Mommy Groups

As a busy mom with young children, I’ve become suspect to the most influential resource in making decisions for my family: Online Community Mom Groups, especially on Facebook. Gone are the days of waiting for the weekly Mommy and Me playgroup to ask other moms for advice, recommendations, or to share stories. We don’t have time for that anymore. Millions of millennial moms are working, juggling, taking care of their kids and building their careers. It’s a lot of pressure. These moms need quick, on-the-fly recommendations and advice at their fingertips from those they trust the most: other moms.
Whether it’s doctor recommendations, local restaurants, school supplies, potty training tips, or where to get best customer service, the questions are endless, limitless and the answers are always quick and plentiful. Sometimes you don’t even have to ask a question. You can do a search and chances are someone else has asked the same thing before and received numerous responses. My husband has even caught on to this phenomenon. Anytime we need an electrician or plumber, for example, he asks me to search for my Facebook community mom group. It’s a wonderful and necessary resource for today’s moms. The numbers are impressive:

  • 71% of all parents on social media try to respond if they know the answer to a question posted by someone in their online network.
  • 79% of parents who use social media agree that they get useful information via their networks.
  • 59% of social-media-using parents indicate they have come across useful information specifically about parenting in the last 30 days while looking at other social media content.
    • Mothers are particularly likely to encounter helpful parenting information—66% have done so in the last 30 days.
  • 41% of parents are connected with people they have never met in person.

At Austin Williams, we understand the power of this influential group and know how to reach them. This is a key targeted demographic for many of our higher education, healthcare and financial clients:

  • Parents of high school students looking into colleges—“What are the top local colleges?” “ Experiences at these colleges?” “What do we need to bring to open houses?” “How to apply for financial aid?”
  • Families in need of local healthcare— “What urgent care is in our area and is best for infants?” “What pediatrician do you recommend?” “Anyone have a great orthopedic I can send my husband to?”
  • Parents with financial needs and questions—“Does anyone know a reputable mortgage company?” “Anyone know of a bank or credit union in the area with safe deposit boxes?” “I’m new to the area, what bank or credit union should I look at joining?”

Bottom line: Social media is more relevant for most businesses and companies than you might think. This is where millennial moms are spending their time online and looking for advice. Get in front of them, get recognized, and make sure they are talking about your products, services, and brands to other moms in their online community groups.


Vice President, Integrated Media Services


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