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Have You Cut the Cord?

Getting rid of traditional TVDo you still subscribe to cable TV? Most of us do – but a trend called Cord Cutting is beginning to catch on. Cord Cutting is the phrase used for those who are canceling their cable subscriptions (or never signing up) and using digital platforms like Netflix and Hulu to watch programming instead.

The number of cable TV and satellite subscribers fell last year for the first time in history. This trend is mostly driven by the 20-somethings who graduated college and are still following the habits of watching TV online (and not purchasing a TV or a cable plan).

The economy is also driving this trend. The average cable bill is $75 a month – a steep price to pay when people can watch just about all of their favorite programming online, without the extra expense. However, 89% of households still have some form of cable programming and with the success of live reality shows like American Idol and real-time sporting events, that percentage won’t decrease quickly.

Although I am not a 20-something who recently graduated college, I do think about Cord Cutting every time I open my cable bill, but I am not willing to give it up . . . yet.

Have you considered cutting the cord?