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How to Build Your Serendipity Skill Set—and Why You Should

Serendipity is a term that describes “happy accidents”—mistakes or random occurrences from which people benefit.

For marketers, it’s a skill that can create competitive advantage: The ability to spot the potentially fortuitous occurrences dismissed or overlooked by others and drive positive outcomes from the inspiration they provide.

Serendipity is more than dumb luck.

While the research into the serendipitous mind by Sanda Erdelez, Ph.D. and Christian Busch, Ph.D. is extensive, there are some fundamental behaviors marketing leaders can adopt to achieve—and reap the rewards of—this mindset within themselves and others in their organization.


building the mindset infographic


Today more than ever, it’s essential to stimulate serendipity: As marketers seek to lead in an industry that is evolving by the second, it’s important for us to see opportunity where others see problems or challenges.

To make sure your brand is prepared when the moment strikes, contact us.

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