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How to Improve Landing Page Conversions in Higher Education? Go to the Videotape!

The purpose of a campaign landing page is to make it easy for your target to convert. Whether it’s filling out a form or joining an e-newsletter, video content done right can be a powerful vehicle that creates trust between the brand and target. It’s no surprise that landing page visitors prefer watching videos to reading text. It’s quick, it’s easy and it can provide great insight into your true brand essence.
Video content is especially useful in higher education marketing. Prospective students crave a real understanding of the atmosphere and community they will be joining. Videos that focus on campus life and what it’s really like to be a student at your institution have the power to influence landing page conversions. If you have video content to share (and you should!), here are five tips to make sure your target sees it and converts:

  1. Short is better. Engagement drops off the longer a videos runs. Keep videos between 30 and 60 seconds to ensure viewer completion.
  2. Optimize videos for SEO. When a video is optimized properly it has a higher chance than a copy-only web page of making it to the first page of Google. Be sure to research clear keywords and make the meta titles concise and accurate. Also, a video site map (text document embedded with your video tags) will ensure Google can find and index your video.
  3. Place the video front and center. Priority placement on your page tells the visitor that the video is the important content he/she needs to view.
  4. Limit the copy around the video. Don’t give your visitor too many choices. The video should be the page’s main communication vehicle. If there is too much copy around the video, a user might think the copy is the main communication and the video is supporting material.
  5. Include a strong call to action. Whether the video ends with a voiceover or animation pointing the user to a form, ensure the video clearly leads the visitor to the desired action. Do not rely solely on the text above the form to push your target to convert.

These tips can help convert your target so this great first impression won’t be their last.


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