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I Don’t Believe “You’re Here for Me”: Prove It!

In this day and age when everything from politics to religion is debatable, we can all (pretty much) agree on one thing: COVID-19 has irreversibly changed our way of living, communicating and socializing.

The brands that come out of this pandemic on top are the ones that act now, change their narrative and back up that narrative for the greater good. Recent surveys show that 56% of consumers want to hear about brands taking actions like making donations, of goods and services. And 40% want to hear about the selfless actions brands are taking in response to COVID-19. People want to, and will, embrace a hero, a leader, an empathetic and decisive force in this new world of uncertainty. 

Now is not the time for salesmanship. Consumers are distracted, confused, and angry, and any communications that smell of being opportunistic will be met with devastating consequences. Instead, it’s time for brands to show—not say—that they are doing their part. We saw that with some major brands early on, and most recently, we’ve helped others do the same. 

Over the last 10 weeks, we’ve been busy remotely writing, art directing, and producing television and video spots for several clients with long-standing community relationships that have stepped up during this horrific crisis to do something NOW! 

We’ve reached out for higher ed institutions Molloy College and St. Joseph’s College of New York who have provided comfort, guidance—and real-life support in the form of housing and masks—for the first responders and healthcare professionals who make up a significant portion of their alumni populations. And financial institutions BNB Bank whose leadership and employees worked tirelessly to help small businesses secure PPP financing and Rollstone Bank & Trust who started a donation drive for local neighbors in need. 

These initiatives (and others like them) make brands stand out and apart from the never-ending noise of “we’re here for you.” Because unless you are doing something that will impact someone’s life for the better, you’re not here for us, you’re just saying you are. Action is the only thing that rings true right now.


Chief Executive Officer


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