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Inspiration Is Everywhere (If You Know Where to Look)

As an art director/designer, I’m always looking for creative inspiration; it’s part of my job. But anyone who’s in marketing could use some inspiration sometimes, whether you’re launching a new checking campaign, building a new website for your college—or embarking on a major rebrand.

Here are my go-to sites for inspiration (and why you should go to them too).


Brand New

This site features rebranding strategies, showing the before logo and then the new logo side by side. It then goes into the whole new brand campaign, showing multiple applications, as well as comments and feedback from users. 



It’s an award site, hence the name, but it has a great collection and really sparks ideas. You can search by keywords such as Clean and Minimal or by industry, e.g., financial or college.


Ads of the World

This site lets you search by medium, industry, and country. While it’s good to know what’s going on in your competitive environment or geography, looking outside your industry and medium helps get the creative juices flowing.


One site that I feel is underrated is Pinterest. It isn’t just for DIY projects, it has a decent collection of work based on ad campaigns, branding, and websites. For instance, you can search healthcare campaigns.

You can find inspiration anywhere—just look around. I love looking at graffiti and skateboard art. Any time you go to a new place and see a company or brand that you like, jot it down and research it when you get home. Anything can inspire you!


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