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Magazines to Reach Readers via Facebook

Wouldn’t it be nice to send a quick message, check out your wall, receive updates on your friends and browse your favorite magazines online at the same time? This could become more than just a pipedream as publishers begin testing these waters with the ever-popular Facebook.

Opportunities to share articles with friends, as well as subscriptions available for purchase, could be popping up on your mini-feed and/or Facebook page this summer. Facebook is looking to become a “one-stop-shop,” where consumers will have all their desires met. According to a recent article on Mashable, Facebook is a great forum for magazines because internet users are sharing content and articles today more than ever.

One of the beauties of online reading that is particularly beneficial to magazines is that it’s often followed by some sort of immediate action. Items featured in online publications are more likely to be purchased on the spot, or at the very least, searched for online and shared with others. Because of the ease and rapid rate of communication on Facebook, the potential for magazines is unparalleled. As reported by Folio, It would definitely create a buzz and spark interest, which could potentially lead to increased e-commerce.

Like many of Facebook’s recent ventures, it’s uncertain how, or if, they’re going to be charging for this new service.

What do you think about the possibility of reading magazines on Facebook?



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