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Marketing Yourself

When Looking for a Job, You’re Not Likely to Find it on Online Job Sites. Forget the big name job sites if you seriously want to find work. Several recent articles are pointing to the ineffectiveness of big online job sites, stating that only a small percentage of jobs are actually posted there. Some facts:

  • claims that 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies post jobs there
  • Yet only 13 percent of Fortune 500 company jobs are filled from online job sites

It may give you a good feeling to know you posted resumes to 50 job possibilities in a couple of hours—but don’t expect the phone to ring. In addition, most of the posted jobs are entry level.

You’ll have better luck using:

  • Aggregator sites like and Simply Hired
  • LinkedIn, which charges lower fees to employers posting jobs and is gaining traction

The bottom line: executive jobs are mostly filled by referral. So work your network. “Who you know” and who they know apply as much to landing a job as they do to landing new clients. Get out and be seen, and don’t be bashful to ask for help: one good turn deserves another.