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Move Over IHOB, Here Comes Google

Here we go again: Another brand name change. But this time it’s Google taking the lead. Is this legitimate re-branding or just another PR stunt? #boogle?

Last week, Google renamed AdWords Google Ads. The name change, while simple, represents the first step in Google’s much larger vision of how they will deliver their product to advertisers. Google’s new product line will be broken out into three major brands: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager. Each of which has an array of advertising products.

Chances are if you are an advertiser at any level, you have touched at least one (if not all) of Google’s advertising products. Although they all work great and provide a lot of advertising power, trying to navigate and keep up with them all can easily become time-consuming and confusing. Over the past several years, Google has been working towards creating a more integrated, user-friendly and accessible experience—a solution that would meld all the offerings together in a way that is simpler but would still maintain the core functionality of each. The Google Ads, Marketing Platform and Ad Manager “trifecta” is that solution.

Along with the name change, Google also is rolling out a new product they’re calling Smart Campaigns. Available through Google Ads, this is part of their solution to help streamline the process for smaller business advertisers. These campaigns will use machine learning to optimize based on the actions the user identifies as important for their business. Smart Campaigns is Google’s way to help give back that time to existing and new advertisers; it will help build the basic advertising foundation without requiring too much experience or resources.

At the end of the day, what does all of this mean for advertisers?

Well, to be honest, not much. Google says the change will not require any product migration or training. Simply put, veterans of their products (people who have been using Google ad services for years) will see a more consolidated package of products together with new features to help manage our accounts. Newer users, however, will experience a much friendlier, functional and easy-to-navigate experience as Google continues working towards their vision of a more consolidated, full-package service.


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