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Online Display Ads—Beyond Clicks

Online display ads like banners, cubes and skyscrapers were always measured by the number of times they were clicked, since this was the
only metric that existed. Until now.

Spongecell is a company that provides interactive ad
technology that allows online display ads to flow into calendars, mobile
devices, social networks and email inboxes right from the ad unit.

In the past, the goal for online display ads was for the
intended target audience to click on them and drive them to a landing page or Web
site. These ads can still do that AND so much more. Depending on the company or
organization that is being promoted, the call to action (which can feature
multiple options) can be customized. Some examples are: request more information,
send to a friend, store locations/map, post on Facebook, add to calendar,
mobile updates, view on YouTube – the possibilities seem endless.

Spongecell’s rich media platform also includes advanced
reporting on consumer engagement. The reports not only show how many
impressions and clicks, but how many people shared the message, viewed a map,
requested more information – whatever the call to action was on the ad.

When banner advertising first launched, it was more of a
direct-response vehicle – a lead generator. However, banners and display ads
changed over the years to be more of a branding tool. With the Spongecell
technology, display ads can be both – and more. They can build brand awareness,
generate leads AND generate buzz through viral marketing.

Austin & Williams looks forward to exploring these
opportunities and recommending them to our clients – particularly in the higher
education, financial and entertainment/hospitality categories.

Long live the banner ad!



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