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Why Printed Invites Can Punch Up Your Message

Whether it is for business or pleasure, “you’re invited” remain two wonderful words that brighten everyone’s day. But how exactly do you extend an invite that is truly memorable? Sure, a online invite is nice, and everyone does it, but does it achieve the “WOW!” factor you’re looking for?

In a virtual world, beautiful print stands out like a new medium. Instead of sending another message to an inbox, why not send a personal statement only a printed invitation provides. Impress, grab attention and literally put your message in your guest’s or prospect’s hand. First impressions last!

The stock choices and print processes available to us today are unparralleled and allow you freedom to create a communication that is as personal and unique as you, your organization or event.

The way printed material feels translates distinct emotions and impressions to the recipient. By choosing the right paper and finishing, you can communicate prestige, authenticity, elegance, natural, warmth, cool or bold over-the-top tactile. Stock weight, texture and color unify or contrast the elements of our communication and separate your message from the pack.

And don’t get me started on process. New technologies and presses have increased options for both short and long print runs. Just recently, I had the pleasure of attending a fine printing demonstration and paper show reminding me of the limitless options at our fingertips beyond conventional offset print. Diecut, emboss, foils, engraving, edge printing, coatings, scented ink—the list goes on and on.

No need to order vanilla ever again, unless it’s your favorite. And let’s not forget: print communications are the perfect bridge to the online world, driving traffic to your site.

So talk to your printer or marketing partner, and create an invitation that will set the tone for your next big event—and send in those RSVPs!


Director Of Production Services


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