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The Psychology of a Great CTA

What makes call to action (CTA) buttons so powerful? Psychology, pure and simple. We have all been raised to do what we are told. That is the really basic psychology behind why CTAs work so amazingly well. Think back to your childhood… you were taught to do what your parents, your teachers, or any authority figure said to do. Even in adulthood we still often wisely choose to do what our spouse, our boss, or any authority figure, tells us to do. Tell prospects to “click here” and many will just because they are programmed to follow instructions.
Why? Great CTAs harness our fear of missing out. No one wants to miss out on a great time or a great deal so create some sense of urgency to purchase immediately.  Words like “limited quantities” or “limited time offer” accomplish this.

Successful CTAs also harness another powerful psychological force: incentives. Teachers give out stickers and prizes, parents give allowances and companies give out bonuses. Incorporate this into your CTA: offer free shipping, or double the product for one low price and cash in on the fact that shoppers love incentives!

Studies also show that we are biologically and psychologically programmed to look in the same direction we see others looking. If you are talking to a friend and he suddenly looks over your shoulder, you are likely to turn and see what he is looking at. Use this to your advantage by incorporating images of people looking in the direction of your CTA button; prospects’ eyes are likely to follow.

So use what we know about people and the way they think to maximize your CTA’s impact!