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Self-driving Cars: Revitalizing the Marketplace—and Your Life

It’s no shock to those of us who spend one to two hours commuting to and from work each day: The average American spends about 6% to 13% of the day on the road behind the wheel of a car, focused on a safe ride. Imagine getting that time back for your own personal use! That’s what self-driving cars will be contributing to society. Sure, we all look at self-driving cars as the future of safe transportation, but what about the impact from recovery of time? That’s equally as important to society as a whole.
Imagine having an extra 52 to 100-plus hours a year! What to do? Here are a few possibilities:

  • Use the time to do online shopping. The benefit would be twofold: stores would see an increase in sales and businesses would see an increase in work productivity, since the need to fit in personal errands during work hours would be a thing of the past.
  • Surf the web. You’re doing it now. Someday soon, you’ll be able to do it while commuting to work as the sole occupant in a car. You know just about every digital marketer is salivating at the potential: a possible 13% increase in advertising time aimed at commuters screams economic growth. Supplement the usual digital advertising package with geotargeting strategies, and the click-through rates could be explosive.
  • Earn a college degree in your newly found spare time. Imagine earning your degree or learning a new skill while commuting to work.
  • Sleep the stress away. Why should children be the fortunate ones to nod off during a car ride? Think of the increase in productivity resulting from a well-rested person.
  • Practice your speech one more time. Toastmasters can rejoice as more time is on your side to perfect the art of delivering speeches and presentations. Close more deals. Sell more products behind a confidently delivered pitch.
  • Call Mom. Mothers (and, I am sure, we fathers, too) can now see the light at the end of the tunnel knowing the children will have more time to just say hello. I sure hope so!

These possibilities are just a small glimpse into what self-driving cars will do for us. These vehicles could lead to increased sales, smarter and calmer people—and happier parents. I, for one, am ready to (not) take the wheel. How about you?


Director of Digital Development