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Social Media Has Grown Legs… and Grown Up

The days of social media being crowded with and driven by pimple-ridden, hormone gushing preteens sitting in front of computers in their bedrooms are over.
The chart below from clearly shows that the largest segment of social media users, roughly 72 percent, are between the ages of 25-54. Of that segment it is almost evenly split between users from age 25-34 and 35-54. Additionally, most of the time spent on social media sites is on mobile devices.

What does this mean to marketers? If you still think that social media is for kids with little to no money to spend on your brand, you are wrong. Social media is quite literally coming of age, and with the proliferation of mobile devices that allow users to be constantly connected to their social networks, it is becoming more and more imperative that you embrace it to the fullest extent possible.




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