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Why You (Still) Need PR

In a world of constant social media updates, alleged fake news and “alternate facts,” we’re swamped with information overload every day. To weed out the essential from the trivial, we turn to sources we trust.
When it comes to finding reliable sources of information, we’re likely not turning to a sketchy website. We seek out those newspapers, radio and TV stations, populated with familiar and reliable reporters whom we have come to know (perhaps over the course of years), who deliver credible and verifiable information to us—their readers and viewers.

But how does a brand get to those trusted sources to report on its message? And how does a brand defend from attacks on its reputation?

Having a professional public relations practitioner as part of your messaging campaign should be a critical piece of your strategy. These are the people—many of them former reporters—who know how to best frame your story and connect with the members of the press who will want to tell it.

You may want to claim you’re the best in your business; a PR person will know how to tell that story to a reporter. You may want to offer a new service; a public relations spokesperson can help boost your announcement in a way that doesn’t sound artificial. You may want to raise money for your nonprofit; a public relations professional can create a storyline that helps get you to your goal.

Some people confuse PR with “spin.” But good reporters can smell that from a mile away, and it rarely—if ever—works. Real PR, honest PR tells a story that is bolstered by the people who have experienced what you have to offer and who can best attest to the benefits of your product or service. It’s a message built around you and the audience you serve: your customers and communities.

Whether you’re a college or a hospital, a telecom giant or a local arts and culture venue, a regional bank or a small business, you want to find new and innovative ways to reach your current customers and those who could become your customers. To do that effectively, a competent and strategic public relations campaign—and a savvy practitioner of the skill—are an absolute necessity.

Combined with a thoughtful marketing campaign that properly positions your brand, PR can bolster your public image and grow your efforts in a way that makes you the go-to brand in your line of business.


Vice President, Public Relations


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