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The AAAA’s are officially rebranding themselves as “The 4A’s”

The American Association of Advertising Agencies has officially adopted the acronym it’s often referred to as within the industry—The 4A’s—as part of an overall rebranding of the entire organization.

Could it have been an earlier blog posting devoted to explaining what all those A’s actually mean that led to the sudden realization that what they were putting out there was confusing people? Perhaps… but while we take a look into that, here’s a worthwhile read from AdvertisingAge on this decision and one from the New York Times on the subject. It’s an intriguing topic to follow because it looks in to those tasked with representing the advertising industry, and seeing to it that the art of advertising is constantly growing and developing, and how they must also remain conscientious on how they advertise and market the organization to which they belong, too.




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