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The Digital Challenges Facing Today’s Client

June Blocklin wrote a great article for the 4A’s Business Development Blog a few months back entitled “The Digital Services Your Clients Really Want.” The article itself explored whether the operations that digital agency service providers are carrying out are actually in line with their client’s needs.
She also included the results of a 4A’s commissioned study that explored clients’ biggest digital challenges as well as their wish list on what they expect from their digital agency services providers.

The top client digital challenges include:
1. Talent is scarce.
2. Brand-building on the Web is new territory.
3. Managing the interplay of media is complex.

…and the top three things clients want from their digital agency service providers are:
1. Streamlined end-to-end solutions across the digital landscape.
2. Strategic, cross-discipline account leadership.
3. Search and social media understanding embedded in the creative development process.

Expanded lists along with a summary of the article can be found here. It’s worth the read and really opens one’s eyes to the challenge of client’s struggles when trying to evolve in today’s digital media marketplace.



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