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The Power of Online Marketing

Last month, MediaPost, an online resource for advertising media professionals, added a new email newsletter and blog to their current arsenal of informative material dedicated, interestingly enough, to marketing specifically to mothers.

Moms are known to be powerful force in the digital world—one you don’t want to mess with. Last year, after a video from Motrin was not well accepted by moms, resulting in an onslaught of negative comments on blogs, Twitter and articles, Motrin was all but forced to post a public apology on their website. This incident became so wildly popular, it made its way to the 2nd most talked about subject on Twitter, and even made national headlines, too!

In the same sense that moms were able to pull together to get Motrin to remove the ad, they can also show mass support for a product or service they like. MediaPost’s new Engage:Moms newsletter and blog should promise to be a powerful resource for those looking to advertise to moms. A good example of a more geographically local site recognizing the powerful pull this group can have is actually also one of the top parenting communities on Long Island is They have a huge amount of social networking resources on their website as well as a Facebook Community, blog and Twitter account, too.



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