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Tips on Optimizing Your Blog

It seems like just about everyone has started up a blog nowadays, from kids writing about their parent to parents blogging about their kids, and the unemployed talking about trying to find a job to companies writing about how tough the economy is, it’s a wide world of what’s your view on all that’s new. And while it’s great to see so many people embracing this new form of communication, unfortunately, many people just aren’t taking the steps necessary to optimize their blogs for both readers and search engines.
It doesn’t matter what the subject is—blogs can be about anything, really, but in order to draw in an audience that will first visit your blog, and then come back time and again, a blog needs to be optimized, organized, and promoted, correctly.

Here’s a great article with 25 tips, tricks—and things you may need to fix—in order to get your blog not just where it should be, but to a point where its audience will grow.



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