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Top Business Blogging Tips

From the ultimate expert: Google.

The folks over at HubSpot had a chance to sit down with Google’s Karen Wickre, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, and ask her some questions about business blogging. Not surprisingly, she had some great tips to offer. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Read other corporate and news blogs to become familiar with the wide variety of styles and content out there.
  • Blog posts should present useful information while reflecting the company’s values, not necessarily answer a specific question.
  • To encourage internal participation, create an editorial calendar for potential authors to track and contribute to.
  • When it comes to metrics, focus on unique visitors, time spent on the site and interaction.

Here at A&W, we couldn’t agree more with these suggestions, and have implemented these practices for this very blog! Do you utilize any of these practices? Does it work for your blog? Let us know!