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Tune In to Google TV

We all love our laptops and smartphones, but they’re not exactly ideal for watching our favorite TV shows and movies. The screens are too small and besides, there’s nothing like the comfort of the living room’s couch and large HD television. Or is there? Introducing Google TV.

Google TVBringing the Internet and television together, this new system is set to completely transform the way our country watches television. No more wasted time browsing through hundreds of channels and/or having to TiVo or DVR desired programs. Google TV is readily available to you whenever you want it and however you want it.

Just as you would stream shows on the Internet or check out a YouTube video, you can do so on your own television. Simply type in what you are looking for and it searches through tons of content on your already recorded shows, TV channels, YouTube and other Internet sites to bring you what you want, quickly. You can even create your own personalized home screen, featuring your most viewed channels, favorite shows, pictures, music and more! Spend hours browsing the Internet or watching episodes of your favorite shows back-to-back-to-back while never having to hover around a small screen or recharge your battery again!

Google’s new offering is not intended to rival cable companies or satellite devices, but instead be an addition to them, and hopefully become adopted by the masses.

What do you think about Google TV? Let us know!



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