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Twitter: Nobody Cares What You Had for Lunch… Yet

Nobody cares what you had for lunchOne of the main reasons consumers do not join Twitter has nothing to do with lack of awareness. In fact, a recent study states that 87 percent of Americans are aware of Twitter, up from 5 percent in 2008 (Edison Research, April 2010). The hesitation I hear over and over again is that many people don’t think their lives are interesting. I’ve heard people say (and you know who you are!), “Nobody cares what I think” or “Nobody cares what I had for lunch.” These Twitter newbies are right – and wrong.

Why People Don’t Care:

  • They don’t know who you are
  • Your tweets never attracted their attention
  • You spend too much time promoting yourself
  • You’re not having conversations

Getting People to Care:

  • Users are more likely to trust you when you have more followers
  • Mix it up – use a balanced mix of conversation, information, news and self promotion in your tweets
  • Don’t be afraid to create conversation
  • Everybody needs a good laugh – be funny once in a while
  • Space your tweets throughout the day

Many Twitter users want it all: fame, fortune and more followers. Build trust and you’ll build followers. Allow your followers to get to know who you are and they’ll eventually care what you had for lunch (and you’ll build a great connection, too).

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