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Two Great Ways to Build Trust and Leadership on Twitter

TwitterSure, hiding behind your computer screen makes it a heck of a lot easier to post your thoughts for public review (and criticism), but you are missing out on important opportunities to get more out of Twitter.

1. Put a face to the avatar: Tweetups are gatherings of local Twitter users and usually take place at a bar or restaurant. After my last three Tweetups I noticed that the people I met in person were more likely to reply and retweet my content. The same goes for me as well – I find myself paying more attention to the tweets of people I met in person. Bringing Twitter into real life helps build trust and strengthens personal connections. To make this transition even easier, use a photo of yourself for your avatar, so you are easier to recognize at Tweetups!

2. Join in a conversation: Just last week I came across a great chat about the role of print advertising in the B2B marketing mix on Twitter. The moderator posed a question and gave users time to respond to the question and respond to each other. Participating in industry-specific chats helps build followers and trust (assuming your answers are thought provoking). Great responses are often retweeted, show up on recaps and live forever on blogs.



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