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What Makes a GOOD :30 Commercial?

Everyone has an opinion, but I think it’s different things to different people. Most times I’m surprised by why someone likes a particular TV spot: “the dog was cute,” “that house reminded me of where I grew up,” “that actress looks like my second grade teacher and I LOVED her!” This is real feedback, and every time I think I’ve heard it all, I’m constantly reminded that I HAVEN’T!

But when these same people are asked “who was the brand?” I get stares or answers that are so far off, they are not even in the same industry.

I totally understand the agency wanting to disrupt convention (or win an award), but at what cost? We’ve all done it, probably more times than we even care to mention, especially all of us in the business. You see a spot, but you have no clue who the advertiser was or what they sell; that’s a half-million dollar fail. Sad to say, finding the fails is pretty simple—just watch an hour of primetime TV.

It’s mind-blowing to me what a major brand approves and runs, easily forgettable; it has the creative spark of cat litter. So who’s doing it well? It’s the agencies who are not only responsible for disruptive creative that stands out, but are also not afraid to be measured by the impact of their work. Not moving the needle is nonnegotiable: these agencies want to be accountable. Those guys are few and far between, but they are the real deal and I applaud them for insisting that the buck stops with them. No excuses, skin in the game, 100% accountable!

Here’s a few I think are doing an exceptional job…

So what’s yours? Share the spots that you think really do make a difference!


Chief Executive Officer


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