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Your Skills Are Obsolete

Over the years, many of us have seen the skills we knew and thought we’d use forever become obsolete and disappear.

Now, even generations X and Y are joinging the ranks of those with obsolete skills – Welcome to the club!

cursive cartoonWhat’s going obsolete now? Cursive writing. With computers, text messaging and budget cuts in education, cursive writing is no longer being taught in many schools.  Soon, only “old people” will be able to read and write cursive script.

The good news is, before long you’ll be able to keep secrets from your children just by writing in cursive. Mom and dad can write out notes in that “old fashioned secret language” that only the old people can read.

So in the future when our kids are writing: UG2BK WST POTATO FCOL, you can reply in script and complete the communication gap 🙂



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