Family Service League

A better way to find help—and helpers


The Family Service League (FSL) is a social services organization that works to improve the lives of 50,000 Long Islanders in need. What did the nonprofit need? A website that made it easier for individuals and families to find the help they were looking for—and for the nonprofit to find the donors it needs to make providing these vital services possible.

Aerial view of a laptop surrounded by an assortment of colorful web pages. The laptop screen displays a happy couple embracing, and the various web pages feature diverse content, images, and sections, showcasing a cohesive design theme in blue, green, and white.

Website development

The online portal to more than 60 programs in 20 locations, a volunteer pool of 400, dozens of community events and fundraising initiatives big and small, the FSL website needed to make accessing its vast resources—or contributing financially to support them—streamlined and simple, on any device and on every page.

A diverse group of children holding hands and running together in a grassy park as the sun sets. The Family Service League logo is at the top of the image, with a banner stating

Asking for help can be tough. Finding it shouldn’t be. With functionality that enables a user to search through all FSL programs via the person in need, where they live—or the specific service type they’re looking for—finding the right resources online takes just a few clicks.

A webpage with a

While helping individuals find the support they need is FLS’s mission, finding donors and volunteers to support those programs is vital to FSL’s ability to deliver on it. Prominent calls-to-action and simple functionality streamline the process for individuals, groups and corporate partners.

A laptop screen displays the Family Service League website. The webpage shows a man assisting two young children with their coloring. The blue banner at the top includes navigation options and a yellow
A diverse group of hands holds a white sign with blue text, listing
A webpage from Family Service League displaying
Three smartphones displaying different pages from a nonprofit organization's website. The screens show a

In the first six months following launch:


new site visitors


increase in organic search traffic


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