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Austin Williams’ Creative Warriors – Pam Schneck-Wicks & Sean Cooke

Our Creative Warrior program recognizes our colleagues who have risen to the challenges of the day to deliver excellent results for our clients.

“Our creative warriors are the early adopters, the critical thinkers and the defiers of conventional wisdom,” said Eva LaMere, president of Austin Williams. “The phrase, ‘We’ve always done it this way,’ doesn’t live here with our employees and our latest two are no exception.”

Recently, we recognized two more of our colleagues with the Creative Warrior award, which includes ownership of the warrior-like shield emblazoned with key phrases that embody the spirit of creativity.

Senior art director, Sean Cooke was praised by his colleagues as artistic, imaginative, and innovative while fighting through the challenges of the task before him:

“A man of few words, Sean accepts the creative challenge at hand, puts his head down, and always brings work to the table that inspires and delights,” read the praise in his nomination. “Sean demands as much from himself as he does from anyone else. For every item he questions in a brief, he’s already pushed back on his own ideas tenfold to ensure their worthiness. It’s true that from pressure comes diamonds, and those gems are revealed to all when he shares his work and the thinking behind it. Sean is a respected artist, a supportive mentor, and a friend to many.”

Director of media operations (and new mom!), Pam Schneck-Wicks has a reputation as a go-getter with incredible attention to detail, and always willing to jump in and take the lead.

“Pam is very professional and proactive. All her information is concise and provides exactly what her team – and the clients need – before we even ASK for it,” was the description in her praise read at a recent team meeting. “You always have confidence when Pam is sitting at the table. She is a strategic thinker and always considers the bigger picture. She asks important questions of clients to understand their goals and is never hesitant to go an extra several miles to vet whether a certain channel will fit those goals, and how.”

We award a new Creative Warrior regularly—check back for more soon!


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