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Austin Williams Launches Creative Campaign for Gurwin Family of Healthcare Services

Austin Williams recently launched a new creative campaign for the Gurwin Family of Healthcare Services, celebrating the caregiver/patient relationship and bringing the continuum of senior care services’ “as if they are our own” platform to life.

The campaign speaks to the high value Gurwin places on the care that its employees provide. Using imagery that depicts a place people can feel good about, the campaign creates a strong brand platform that works across all service lines, from nursing care and assisted living to adult day care and specialized care programs.

“Austin Williams zeroed in on who we are and what we do for people every day,” said Stuart B. Almer, Gurwin president and CEO. “The decision to seek professional care for a loved one is unique and personal to each family, and this campaign expresses that.”

Inspired by the “Bubbe Approved” concept—a nod to Gurwin’s roots serving the Jewish community on Long Island—Austin Williams’ creative approach works across ethnicities and generations, bringing the entire family into the picture. In addition to Bubbe, the campaign uses other terms of endearment such as Nonna and Pop-Pop.

“People facing the loss of independence for themselves or for their loved ones worry about compromising their care and entrusting strangers with their well-being,” said Eva LaMere, president of Austin Williams. “We wanted to leverage the founding mantra of exceptional care that defines Gurwin to redefine the gold standard in the category. It’s what led us to define Gurwin’s unique brand platform: “We care for every resident as if they are our own.”

The campaign launched in August in print and on social media. Paid search and TV spots on local Long Island and New York City stations are set to follow soon.


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