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Austin Williams Launches the “Most Human” AI Chat Agent for Business

Leading digital marketing, branding and advertising agency Austin Williams recently announced the launch of Austin AI, a proprietary chat agent that uses the generative AI technology behind ChatGPT and real-life training to provide a personalized experience that delivers the information visitors seek on demand.

Leveraging the platform’s unparalleled customization potential and the agency’s expertise in financial services, healthcare and higher education marketing, Austin AI can create the “most human” online interactions, according to Austin Williams’ chief innovation officer, Andrew Catalano.

Like other chat agents, Austin AI is built to outperform standard chatbots because it’s trained by humans – not just algorithms — so it learns more about the brand and how to best interact with its constituencies, whether they’re a new lead, a potential employee or an existing customer, member, student or patient.” The result is a more human-like experience, without the cost of hiring dedicated live chat representatives, that’s available 24/7 and in real time.

The chat agent initially crawls the site to gather content, then the agency’s chat team trains it to use that (and other) content to answer questions, how those questions should be answered—and in what language. (Austin AI can respond in more than 100.)

“We know what site visitors are looking for, their mindsets and pain points, as well as any potential compliance implications of their interactions,” Catalano explains. “We put that knowledge to work when implementing Austin AI. From setting the rules for each conversation based on the desired outcome and instructing the chat agent how to consider the context of the conversation to fine-tuning specific responses, we make every interaction both more ‘human-like’ and industry-compliant. Once Austin AI is up and running, the agency team (or the client) can review all chats to further refine how it responds in specific situations.”

To see how Austin AI can work for your brand, contact us for a demo.


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