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A&W Welcomes Its Newest Employee!

Donning a scanty Yankees pinstripe jersey, hardly an issue with the male staff members, Ms. Betty Boop has joined Long Island’s Austin & Williams as the agency’s Chief Executive Cheerleader.

As the new CEC, she maintains a position at one of the agency’s more highly trafficked areas, handing out lollipops and other types of workplace appropriate “sugar” as encouragement to all to get the job done. She joins Mr. Fred, the agency’s CEB—Chief Executive Butler—who has long held the role of serving up sweet treats for the agency’s staff and its guests.

Ms. Boop’s history is long and extensive, with her most noteworthy success being the affirmation that sex appeal does, in fact, sell. Couple this with the fact that she’s a Yankee fan, and it’s safe to say that she’s sold A&W as being a most welcome addition.

Join us in welcoming Ms. Boop to the A&W family!



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