Austin Williams President Eva LaMere Discusses Successful Credit Union Rebranding

Austin Williams President Eva LaMere was recently featured in a Co-Op News article about how credit unions can successfully rebrand themselves to stand apart from the competition and drive business. Titled “Credit unions: Tips for successful rebranding,” the Q&A style piece discussed the key elements of a successful rebranding, the challenges and opportunities presented, how to measure results and whether the phrase “credit union” has any true meaning anymore. “Rebranding is a huge undertaking, so credit union leadership first needs to understand what they’re getting into and why,” LaMere told Co-Op News. “Every rebrand should start with key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as a plan for measuring them. If a rebranding isn’t designed to deliver a solid return on investment (ROI), don’t do it.” Established in 1871, Co-op News is published by Co-operative Press Ltd., an independent registered co-operative society. Its mission is to connect, champion and challenge the global co-operative movement, through fair and objective journalism and open and honest comment and debate. Read the full piece here:

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