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Senior Art Director

Jody Bonaventura-Fisher

When Jody isn’t living out her childhood dream of creating something from nothing, she’s watching the latest animated film, bowling a mean turkey or spending time with the love of her life, her dachshund, Winston.

When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I’ve always wanted to be a comic strip artist. I love the old-school comics like Charlie Brown and Garfield.

If you had to switch AW teams for one week, which department would you work in?

Definitely development. Similar to creative, the idea of building something and seeing it come to life is extremely satisfying to me, especially when motion comes into play.

What inspires you?

Beautiful design and creative campaigns. I find a lot of inspiration in street art and cartoon illustration—I love things that are bold and graphic. Stik, Layer Cake, Oakoak, and Buff Monster are some of my favorite artists. Oh, and I can’t forget Tom Everhart, who is known for his iconic paintings of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts characters.

Re-name Austin Williams with two other “A W” words.

Amazing Workplace. Austin Williams is an amazing company to work for. The culture is fun, creative and smart, which I think contributes to our best work. All of our people are supportive and easy to work with—after a full week of 40 hours together, we still like to hang out outside of work.

What’s the weirdest thing on your desk?

I don’t necessarily think it’s weird, but I have the complete set of Funko Pop! Golden Girls figures.


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