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Vice President, Managing Director

Lisa Liebman

Managing director Lisa loves curling up with a good RFP in the stylish spaces she designs in her spare time.

What makes a great brand?

A great brand has a unique story and connection with its fans that cannot be made by its competitors. A great brand can be measured by its actual stock value. Its logo has business value. A great brand behaves consistently across all lines of business to deliver on a single vision across marketing, communications, products and services and corporate channels. A great brand undeniably invites people to take part in it because of its compelling story.

Any hidden talents?

I happen to be a talented interior designer. I renovated my own home and discovered that I love to create beautiful spaces. It’s not too different from creating beautiful space for brands, but more personal and tangible. And what fun to shop!

What do you like about working at an agency?

I get most excited when we come up with an unmistakable solution for a client—one that is uniquely on-brand and something that no direct competitor can say or do, which creates a new market opportunity. I feel like Sherlock Holmes when this all goes right! It all relies on understanding a client’s business, the history of the client’s brand and the accepted conventions in the marketplace. Then, if you can disrupt those conventions to leverage the brand at its core and make people think and behave differently, you create growth for your client!

What’s the weirdest thing on your desk?

Well, it may more “unusual” than weird, but I have a very bright orange leather desk set that I ordered from London after an exhaustive search. (See, I told you I like to play interior designer!) It includes an in-box, file stand, mouse pad, desk blotter, pencil holder and note paper holder—and it makes me smile when I walk into my office each and every morning!

Rename Austin Williams with two other AW words.

Always Winning.


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