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SEO & Content Marketing Specialist

Marianne O’Connor

When she isn’t tracing the journeys of interesting people or imagining journeys with fictional
ones, digital media specialist Marianne helps clients navigate the ever-changing digital landscape.

Any hidden talents?

A few years ago, I was downhill longboarding almost every day—until I had a bad fall off the
longboard and never got back on. Now it really is a hidden talent!

What inspires you?

People always inspire me. I read a lot of biographies. I’m fascinated by the enormous number of
people living on Earth today and what motivates them.

What makes a great brand?

Great brands positively contribute to their communities and listen to their customers.

What’s your favorite part of being a digital communications specialist?

I enjoy learning about technological advancement and media history, so having a role in digital
media motivates and inspires me. Digital did not exist in my grandparents’ time, and I find that

What real or fictional person would you go on a road trip with?

Fiction is fun, so definitely Ron Weasley and his family from the Harry Potter series! They have a
flying car, and I’m always up for an adventure.