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Artificial Intelligence for Websites? Well, Kinda…

Technology and its exponential advancements have been grabbing center stage in nearly all aspects of life: Birth, death, health, social life; you name it, technology has top hand in it lately. For this to happen as successfully as it has been requires artificial intelligence (AI) or something in the area intelligent digital computations. Whenever AI is discussed, we all think of movies and TV shows such as Star Wars, Star Trek, 2001: A Space Odyssey or Lost in Space.

However, AI is really becoming a reality, albeit in baby steps (pun intended). Its first grasp requires this digital phenomenon to sneak in with subtle intelligence. Things such as targeted marketing are a form of AI. A system harnessing zeros and ones has trained the right algorithms to serve visitors their most desired products—before they even realize they could be interested in such a product addition to their lifestyle. Users are notified of suggested events right at their fingertips as they peruse their smartphone within a particular location, time of day/year, or surf for a particular topic. Algorithms are getting smarter, faster and more global.

While Austin Williams is known for its strength in website design, functionality and development, we’ve also been following the trend of AI-like algorithms and adding their value to meet our client’s needs. Whether it’s for website functionality that improves the user experience as consumers manage their banking or geofencing strategies that target prospective students at college fairs, we continue to use AI enhancements to deliver solid outcomes for our clients (whether their target realizes it or not).


Director of Digital Development


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